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How Can This Benefit Me?

From Breakup to Breakthrough

How would we work together?

It is ultimately up to you, the client, to choose exactly what we will focus on. I am here to support you to achieve that which you are ready to have in your life.

  • We can work together in a healing manner to clearly understand what happened in your past relationship This might include looking at the patterns and choices you'd like to change moving forward. This might also be a time of working through grief, anger, fear and confusion as you let go of your past relationship.
  • We can envision what's next in your life, strategize, and begin to make that happen! 
  • I hold my clients with compassion and accountability as they explore their lives and what's next for them. It is my greatest honor to offer a clear structure and focus while one discovers and fine tunes that which they value most and want in their lives. 

Why Do I Need a Coach?

Identify the Problems

  • When we need our car serviced, we go to the mechanic.  Time to have our eyes checked? See the optometrist. 
  • When we are suffering through a breakup and find ourselves home alone, it can feel overwhelming. Most of us have experienced the pain of going through a breakup with someone we love. 
  • In our culture a breakup may be seen as negative and sometimes people are encouraged to "just get over it.” There can be a lack of understanding the importance of caring for our selves and learning during this transition time.

Gain Healthy Perspective

  • Healthy communication in the future is possible.
  • Working with a coach can guide you to clearly define your path out of your past relationship and expedite the process of letting go with love and moving on to what's next in your life.
  • Our past relationships offer us gifts of understanding about ourselves. The past is like a roadmap that enables us to both look at and become aware of our past choices, patterns and actions. 
  • By understanding our past, we can move forward to choose a loving and dynamic relationship that fulfills us.

Find True Love

Sometimes we need to complete a "personal journey" of sorts, deeply examining ourselves and engaging in some new practices before we are ready for another intimate relationship. 

  • This can be a lot of fun and exciting as we rediscover our passions and joy for life.  
  • It can also be a challenging time, where self care and community is really important. 
  • Personal breakthroughs can allow us to shift into readiness for a new kind of love. 
  • I can guide and support you through all the steps of getting back out there in a safe and successful way.
  •  It’s a powerful experience to be supported by a coach as you create and follow a clear, healthy plan.  This precious time between relationships is a perfect opportunity to rediscover your own balance and joy.  
    And when you’re ready, your true and lasting partner is out there waiting for you.

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